Get your team on the same page with a common language, a company-specific set of tools and templates, and standard methods for developing and delivering products.

It’s likely some product management team members have formal training; others don’t. Some have years of experience; some have just started. They probably have some tools they’ve used in the past and maybe some templates from a training class. How do you adapt these to your business and products?

Under10 offers a customized set of training workshops created specifically for your organization. We identify your top areas of concern and work with you to create a process that fits your team.

Workshops follow the "Review, Extend, Apply" approach to learning. For each module, we'll review what the team already knows on the topic, extend their understanding with a new technique or concept, and then apply the concept to your products and markets in a workshop. Our focus is on skills development, not just information transfer.

Sessions can be delivered onsite or via webinar. You can create your own delivery package by combining onsite workshops with web-based sessions plus one-on-one coaching by phone. Clients typically schedule these sessions over a period of 4 to 6 months to ensure adoption.

You choose the topics that align with your priorities:

We leverage our experience with hundreds of companies to meet the special needs of your business.

What's next?

Get started creating a world-class, business-oriented product team with Under10.