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Under10 delivers a simple approach for defining products—a playbook for success. We ensure product responsibilities are clear for all the departments involved. We introduce a nimble planning process, adapted to the special needs of your business. And we make sure your product team has the skills and tools necessary for the job.


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How do you get from idea to market? The ideal scenario is a nimble, business-focused method.

The Under10 approach has helped hundreds of companies implement a simple idea-to-market process. Ideally, under 10 documents and under 10 steps. Each step requires one or more of the key artifacts—but only you can determine exactly what information you need for each step.

Most methods take a “step 1, 2, 3” approach as if you’re starting from nothing. They assume you don’t already have a product in some phase of its life cycle. However, the reality is this: most of us don’t start from the beginning. We usually start somewhere in the middle. Product leaders are often called on to jump in midstream.

The process for building products is not a line, it’s a wheel.

The truth is you might start from anywhere—launch, define, evaluate, any step. The trick is to identify where you are and get productive quickly.

Our software and workshops are tied to this simple metaphor. Minimize the number of steps, artifacts, and templates. Build a process that fits your organization. Learn at each step of the way and improve.

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In Turn Ideas into Products, we introduce a nimble idea-to-market process with strong emphasis on personal experience with customers. From business planning to product launch, this approach for managing products empowers your product team to work smarter and collaborate better with both colleagues and customers. This book is a primer on today's best practices in product management.

With Under10, your product team will think more strategically, embrace feedback from the market, and deliver better products to your customers.

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From business planning to product launch, Under10 promotes a nimble approach for managing products, empowering your team to work smarter and collaborate better with executives, developers, sales people, and marketing teams.

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