With decades of software product management and marketing experience, we are often asked to speak at user groups, industry shows, bootcamps, and other events all around the world. We deliver highly relevant sessions for a technology-oriented audience by combining industry best practices and real-world examples.

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Upcoming Events

May 3, 2018


Webinar: A Life Cycle for Today's Products

Every organization is unique—so your planning process should be too. What are the critical activities and artifacts to go from idea to market Learn about our free webinar on the roles of product management.

May 12, 2018


ProductCamp Boston, 2018

Steve says Crazy Things About Product Management 

In this session, author Steve Johnson shares his new experience managing a product after 20+ years of product management consulting. He introduces a nimble idea-to-market process with strong emphasis on personal experience with customers. From business planning to product launch, this approach for managing products empowers your product team to work smarter and collaborate better with colleagues and customers.

Past Events

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