Writings by Tom Lueker


Tom has started six companies since 1988, including WebSurveyor a pioneer in online surveys and two-time Inc. 500 award winner (2004, 2005). He's done it all, from writing code to running a sales organization, from begging VCs for start-up funding to IPOs, from an idea on a napkin to multi-million dollar product lines.

Having spent 30 years in technology, Tom sometimes thinks he's seen it all until someone comes along with a cool new product that makes life just a little bit easier. His early career was primarily mainframe based technical programming, followed by several years as a product manager for enterprise software vendors focused on client-server computing, and most recently (15+ years) in development, marketing, and executive roles for internet-based applications.

When away from the office, Tom likes to hang out at the beach or take long walks with twin yellow labs, Splash and Breeze.

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