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We're product managers, developers, entrepreneurs, and business owners... just like you.

We know how hard it is to deliver products and services people actually want to use, so we've distilled it all down to one method for defining, delivering, and refining world class products starting today!

Our Team

Steve johnson

Steve Johnson
Founder and CEO

Steve is a product management process coach, author, speaker, and advisor. His approach is based on the belief that minimal process and simple templates result in a nimble product marketing and management team.

Steve has been working within the high-technology arena since 1979 with experience in technical, sales, and marketing management positions at companies specializing in enterprise and desktop hardware and software. His market and technical savvy allowed him to rise rapidly through the ranks from Product Manager to Chief Marketing Officer. In his various technical marketing roles, he has launched dozens of product offerings. Steve draws heavily on his marketing and sales experience while his quick wit adds an element of fun to his workshops and speeches.

Before founding Under10, Steve was a Pragmatic Marketing instructor for over 15 years and personally trained thousands of product and executive teams.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys making music, and recently published an album on iTunes. Check out Steve’s music at

Tom lueker

Tom Lueker

Tom is a product management evangelist, product leader, marketer, developer, and business problem solver.  As a product leader, Tom's managed a variety of products from cradle to grave, re-positioned struggling products for market leadership, and co-authored marketing strategy for a successful IPO.  

Having spent 30 years in the software industry, Tom’s worked with companies from the global 50 to one-man start-ups. His experience spans the evolution for software from custom to packaged software to software as a service. He thrives in start-up and challenging corporate environments, and has been a founder of six companies, including a pioneering SAAS application and two-time Inc. 500 award winner.

Tom's worked on a variety for software products including application development tools, systems management software, business intelligence and reporting, market research, customer and salesforce management, marketing automation, and retail point-of-sale systems. He’s a quick learner and possesses a great breadth of knowledge and experience in every aspect of building software products, running a company, and solving real-world business problems. He's as comfortable writing code as he is running a sales organization, from raising funding to sunsetting products, from converting an idea on a napkin to managing multi-million dollar products.

When away from the office and the internet, Tom likes to bike, hang out at the beach, and take long walks with twin yellow labs, Splash and Breeze.

Calvin marshall

Calvin Marshall
Product marketing consultant

Calvin conducts strategy, marketing and business consulting as well as managing client relations and solution implementations. As a innovative product management and marketing problem solver, he has developed product management and product marketing strategies for organization large and small.